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Wills Winery is a full service winery offering you the opportunity to make your own wine just the way you like it! We will assist and educate you through the wine making process taking the guess work out and producing a fine quality wine.

We can adjust the tannins, add oak or even sweeten the wines to your satisfaction. After all, wine is very personal and we would like to make this experience all about you.

We also offer wine tasting events several times a year where you can sample many of our quality bottled wines. Click here for a current list of bottled wines in stock.

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814 S. Main Street, Suite 3
M-24 in Heritage Square
Lapeer, MI 48446
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You can now buy select wines on-line! Click here to order your wine today!


You will also find a large selection of unique and interesting gifts for your favorite wine-lover. We are constantly searching for new and creative items. Click here to see some of these items we currently have in stock.

Introducing The Wine Clip

This little gizmo changes the molecular structure of the wine as it pours out of the neck of the bottle instantly enhancing your wine. You have to try it to belive it!



We have a wide variety of quality wines. Our products come in two grades: Elite & Extraordinaire. We now carry Mead Wines. Wills Brands by the Bottle
range from $10.49 to $20.45 per bottle. Click here for a complete list.

Make your own batch to create delicious Elite and Fruit Wines. Our wines are made from the finest grape concentrates and ready for your enjoyment in six to eight weeks:
- $169.00 for 25 750 ml bottles
- $199.00 for 50-375 ml bottles

Make your own batch to create Extraordinaire Wines. Produces a full bodied and robust wine with excellent bouquet balanced with oak. Recommended aging at a minimum of six months:
- $249.00 for 25 750 ml bottles
- $299.00 for 50 375 ml bottles

Custom Labeling

$5.00 per Bottle - No Graphic
$8.00 per Bottle - Graphic or Photo
$20.00 per Batch - No Graphic
$40.00 per Batch - No Graphic Splits
$35.00 per Batch - Graphic or Photo
$70.00 per Batch - Graphic or Photo Splits


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