Wills Winery

In our quest for quality, we have searched the vineyards of the world to select only the very best juices to produce our superb wines.

White Wines

  • Koala Bear (Australian Chardonnay) #
    A full-bodied varietal wine, with a subtle oak aftertaste.
  • Badger (Gewurztraminer) **
    A full-bodied white with spicy character.
  • White Dove (Piesporter) **
    A fine, quality white wine with a fragrant and spicy bouquet.
  • White Swan (Riesling)**
    Clean and light with subtle sweetness.
  • White Tail Deer (Liebfraumilch)**
    German white, slightly drier than Riesling.
  • Papa Georgio (Pinot Grigio) **
    Soft & spicy, while crisp, minerally and dry with moderate acidity.
  • Wills House White (Verdicchio) **
    Medium-bodied with a crisp acid balance and slightly bitter finish.

Red Wines

  • Black Tail Elk (Cabernet Merlot) <>
    Has qualities of a full-bodied Cabernet rounded off with the addition of Merlot.
  • Black Tail Deer (Cabernet Sauvignon) **
    This full-bodied red is best aged for several months with oaky and tannic character.
  • Black Angus (Chianti) **
    Pleasant tannin undertones with earthy character make this enjoyable with dinner.
  • Black Panther (Merlot) ** .75% R.S.
    A delightful medium bodied wine with a smooth flavor and aroma.
  • Monte (Montepulciano/Merlot) ***
    A tasty Italian blend with a silky texture and excellent acidity.
  • Black Crow (Pinot Noir) **
    A rich, brilliant red, medium bodied and surprisingly smooth.
  • Rio (Rioja) **
    Spanish style with medium body, vibrant color, and raspberry-cherry aromas.
  • Sangio (Sangiovese/Shiraz) ***
    Blended Sangiovese and Shiraz grapes produce this medium-bodied wine.
  • King Crab (Shiraz) **
    A dark, full-bodied red combining notes of warm berries, fresh pepper and oak.
  • Coming Soon - American Cabernet Shiraz!
    VCR (Vieux Château Du Roi) ***
    A rich, earthy Rhone-style wine with good tannin and a soft supple character.

Purchase by the bottle or create your own quality wine with the finest of grape concentrates and juices ready for your enjoyment in as few as five weeks.

Born and Raised In the USA

  • American Cabernet Sauvignon
  • American Merlot
  • American Red Zinfandel
  • American Sangiovese
  • American Shiraz (Nat’l Silver Winner)
  • American Muscat
  • American Pinot Grigio
  • American Semillon
  • American Cabernet Merlot
  • American Pinot Noir
  • Limited Edition Wines
  • Red Scorpion (Cabernet Merlot)

Specialty Wines -(When Available) 750 ml unless noted

  • Chocolate Raspberry Red*
    International Gold Medal Winner and Best Seller!

  • Blackberry & Cream
  • Blueberry & Cream
  • Chocolate Cherry Red (Int’l Bronze Winner) 12% R.S.
  • Mystic Mead * (Int’l Silver Winner) 24%R.S
  • Peaches & Cream (Summer Mos. Only)
  • Raspberry & Cream (Summer Mos. Only)
    Simply Psychodelic-Yeah, Baby! * 13%R.S. (Nat’l Silver Winner)
  • White Amethyst (Wills Winery version of a
  • WhiteMerlot -Int’l Bronze Winner) 8% R.S.
  • White Rush (Int’l Silver Winner) 18% R.S.



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